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Tricymoedd's wind whistle of Bolebrokeold (Wilson)

Hips – 4-4

Elbows – 0-0

Current clear BVA eye test 


DNA clear for prcd-PRA, CNM, EIC & Stargardt


Son to Mauser, Wilson is proving to have all of the same wonderful qualities,

he's an absolute delight to have around the house, extremely gentle and kind. 

He couldn’t be keener to learn and last season absolutely blew us all away with

his natural drive and hunting technique. Wilson is incredibly biddable with a

super soft nature and equally soft mouth, he's an absolute pleasure to be with 

whether that be in the hunting field, at home, on walks or sitting in the pub.


breeding bitches.jpg


We currently have 2 breeding bitches and two stud dogs. All four of our dogs work throughout the season picking up on a couple of local estates. 



When we have a litter of pups they are reared indoors and are brought up amidst the commotion of daily life, making them already forward going and very well socialised.

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