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Explore our gallery and what our clients have to say. For further information on a litter or more about our dogs, training and other enquires please head over to our contact page to get in touch. dog breeding

Images are taken by Hannah Spearman from Rebelritsi Photography

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‘I live in Switzerland with my family and recently we decided it was time to add a dog to our home. We wanted a working labrador, as we knew it would be a great fit for our active country lifestyle. Ideally we didn’t want an 8 week old puppy, as we thought someone more experienced and with more time could give the puppy a better start. So we started our search for a breeder with either a junior dog, or a puppy that they would be willing to train for us.


We found Bolebroke Gundogs via another breeders website, where they were listing potential available puppies from their stud dogs. After contacting many breeders, and having had a few email discussions with Liz, we had a really good feeling about the home they offer their dogs and how they bring up their puppies. Their dog Ivy was confirmed in pup a few weeks later and we waited patiently (mostly…) for Emma to be born.


The first time I went to visit Liz and her husband Jimmy at their home was around 4 weeks after Emma was born. They were both very welcoming and helpful, and happy that I visited as much as I wanted, even when I was staying more than 4 hours with them! When I arrived I was surprised how calm and peaceful their dogs were. I think at that time they had around 4 adult dogs, one 6 month old that they were training, and 7 puppies in the house. All the dogs were so well behaved and relaxed, even the puppies..! It's clear that Liz and Jimmy really love their dogs, they understand their needs, how to integrate and work with them and they are full of knowledge about the breed and what works best for their dogs.


After the visit my husband and I agreed that this would be an ideal place for Emma to spend her first months. Liz was always in contact, giving us updates, photos and videos via WhatsApp, and we could see Emma’s progress as often as we liked. I also visited two more times before we finally took Emma back to Switzerland, and both times it was obvious how much she had learnt. I really believe that the presence of other well trained dogs, and Liz and Jimmys style, helped Emma to learn things much faster and more effectively than if we had been training her ourselves.


When we finally picked Emma up, she was a lovable, fit and happy 4.5 month old puppy. We would have kept there longer if it wasn’t for the Corona crisis and not knowing how long we would have to wait if we didn’t collect her earlier. 


We have had Emma for around 4 weeks now, and she constantly surprises us, how quickly she settled in with our family, how confident she is when facing new situations, how quickly she learns and how amazingly smart (sometimes too smart…) she is. I really believe that Liz and Jimmy gave Emma a great start and a good basis for us to build on.  They take a lot of care, from the very beginning when they choose with whom to breed their girls, all the way through diet, socialisation and training. For them this is a way of life, not just a business, and this makes all the difference.


I would give a heartfelt recommendation for Bolebroke Gundogs to anyone thinking about a new labrador puppy!‘



 Our two stud dogs are Bolebrokeold Verbena (Luger) and Bolebrokeold Wrens Warren (Mauser) both are working dogs with an excellent background

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At Bolebroke Gundogs we specialise in basic manners and obedience puppy training. Whether we are able to part-train the pups we breed is something that we are...

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