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At Bolebroke Gundogs we specialise in basic manners and obedience puppy training. Occasionally we are asked whether we are able to part-train the pups we breed and yes, this is always something we are pleased to do.

Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail and see if we can help.


We will happily keep a puppy on, living with us for up to 6 months old. By this time, we will have established basic manners and obedience, taking out the ‘baby phase’ for an owner who does not feel fully equipped to - or would just rather not - manage this themselves.


Once the new owner takes their pup home, they can move on to more advanced training if they wish.



 Our two stud dogs are Bolebrokeold Verbena (Luger) and Bolebrokeold Wrens Warren (Mauser) both are working dogs with an excellent background

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We currently have 2 breeding bitches and two stud dogs. All four of our dogs work throughout the season picking up on a couple of local estates. 

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