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mauser 6.jpg

Bolebrokeold Wrens Warren (Mauser)

Hips 0-0

Elbows 0-0

Current clear BVA eye test 


DNA clear for prcd-PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2, MCD & STGD


Mauser is a proven sire, having produced over 100 stunning litters so far. Our first

and most experienced stud dog, Mauser is a stunning dark red colour with an

athletic muscular build.


Mauser is the most incredible dog to work, he has passion and drive in equal

amounts accompanied by the most unbelievable nose and hunting style. He is

steady as a rock to handle and will tackle brambles and cover with ease. Last

season Mauser picked up over 30 days, most of which were on a large,

prestigious commercial shoot.


At home Mauser is kind to the core, he would happily spend all day cuddling and always behaves like a real gentleman. dog breeding

MAUSER 2.jpg


At Bolebroke Gundogs we specialise in basic manners and obedience puppy training. Whether we are able to part-train the pups we breed is something that we are...



When we have a litter of pups they are reared indoors and are brought up amidst the commotion of daily life, making them already forward going and very well socialised.

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