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At Bolebroke Gundogs we specialise in breeding and training working Labradors.


We currently have a team of 4 working dogs - 2 breeding bitches and 2 stud dogs. All four of our dogs work throughout the season picking up on local estates.


We are a small family business but pride ourselves in doing everything properly. Our dogs live inside and are very much a part of our household. When we have a litter of pups they are reared indoors and are brought up amidst the commotion of daily life, this means that when they come to leave us at 8 weeks, they are already very well socialised.


My husband Jimmy and I started Bolebroke Gundogs in 2018 after realising our passion absolutely lay with our dogs, enjoying them and working with them.



We’ve both owned our own dogs for many years, but Jimmy especially has always had a real affinity with training and getting the absolute best out of any of the dogs he’s ever had the pleasure of owning.


Starting at 13yrs old with his first Lurcher, coursing, hunting and shooting were big passions for Jimmy. After qualifying as a farrier, he was never to be found out at work without a faithful canine companion in the passenger seat next to him.


Shooting soon became a firm favourite and this led to getting to know more about, and consequently falling in love with, Labradors.


Always having had a competitive nature, Jimmy captained the England farriery team as an apprentice, competed at the World Championships after qualifying, and has won many prizes for his work with horses. But he has now refocused his efforts into our dogs.

We hugely enjoy the dogs company and whether it be out in the shooting field, training or just curling up next to the fire with them, neither of us can think of another way we’d rather spend our days.

Liz Cooper



 Our two stud dogs are Bolebrokeold Verbena (Luger) and Bolebrokeold Wrens Warren (Mauser) both are working dogs with an excellent background

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At Bolebroke Gundogs we specialise in basic manners and obedience puppy training. Whether we are able to part-train the pups we breed is something that we are...

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